I love to imagine surreal situations where characters are the protagonists of a good concept.

As a collaborative project at VFS, the objective was to create an animated alphabet by using the Knewave Typeface.

The technical specifications include three or less colours already set up and run each animation by 25 fps.

To access the full project, please visit our website:


For the number 1, I followed the shape of type, and create Natty duck; she was so on hurry that she didn’t realize

there was a glass in front of her. The assets were created in Illustrator and animated in After Effects.


B of Baking. I decided to delight my time by animating a mini cake; it was difficult animating the melting pan.

After feedback from my classmates and teacher, I cake craving succumb. 

For the letter C, I decided to create a hairy monster frame by frame.

I played around with his “mood” adding some motion lines, telling you a bit of his personality.



For the letter X, I played around with the concept of an electrocuted type, forming bones within the form,

and playing with an alternate background,hence creating fast blaze.