Better Together

 A one minute animated video for kids about diversity and friendship. 



Moving to Vancouver was my first experience living abroad, one thing I really noticed is that people

are able to live together in a community  regardless of how different their backgrounds are. 

A city where you can find extremely different cultural values, customs, and…of course…food! 


 And so, why not tell a story about diversity using food? I wanted to show how many different

types of fruits and vegetables can all live together in harmony in the same environment.  

Like a roller coaster inside a fridge, where food comes alive and interact with each other.


"Like a roller coaster inside a fridge" -


For the Art direction, I chose a colorful, fantastical aesthetic for a special twist to the environment,

taking the audience into another world inside the refrigerator where food comes alive and interacts with each other.



Poster, Character Design. 

Poster, Character Design. 

I’ve always loved character design.

My goal with this project was to create each character with their own curious personality,

One of my key challenges was to create an unbelievable and funny story through dynamic cinematography. 

To add more drama and tension, I played with perspectives and skewed some of them in some important scenes. 




Creating references in Cinema 4D helped me to distort those scenarios

and I then took them into the surreal environment to add to the fun mood I wanted to create.

All the assets were drawn in Photoshop, with the help of the fantastic app Astropad, I was able speed up my workflow.







Concept Ideation, Motion Graphics Design, Animation, Storytelling, Art direction and Illustration: Adriana Ogarrio

Sound Design: Christopher Burt